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This past year was quite an eventful one for us. We’ve experienced death, divorce, illness,  team reformation, great cases, met new and wonderful friends, moving…..etc. With that being said, we contiue to be a close, caring and loving and hard working family💙

Our new case manager Chris Rowley has done an excellent job and we are quite thankful to have him! Keep up the good work.

Our new Historian/Researcher GIGI Miller is doing a wonderful job.  Thank you for joining our family!!!

Thank you to all of our new clients who reached out to us for help this year. YOU are why we do what we do. While investigating can be a dangerous and exhaustive  position to be in, we are very grateful to be able to seek answers and put our clients safety, wellbeing  and trust at the forefront of our agenda.

As as many of you may know, Amy and myself started on a new project. We are Co-hosts of Paranormal A to Z with Amy & Zana on Catch us every Thursday night @9pm EST with the most exciting and knowledgable guests in the paranormal field.

I also started a jewelry business called Ghostgoodies by Zana and wow I so appreciate the reaction and business you have given me. You can check out inventory and make requests @ Ghostgoodies_by_zana on Instagram.

As as we are now in 2018 we aspire to continue our research and gain further relationships with fellow para teams and specialists in our field.

Heres to a great new year👻

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