Audio analysis of Hales Bar Dam Cabin #8

Amy and I had a great trip with our good friends from DARK RAVEN PARANORMAL, Nancy & Sam and our Knoxville buddy Adam Watson.

When we arrived, the girl at check in told us that we were staying in a “very active” cabin. Well…of course we were thrilled. From the moment we arrived things started to happen. Amy thought we were playing around with her by “jiggling” the bathroom door knob….wasn’t us! Sam could hear a conversation after we had all went to bed…..wasn’t any of us!!! Amy could hear the bathroom toilet flush ALL NIGHT LONG….while everyone was sleeping.

While we were investigating the Dam, we chose to leave a recorder going in our absence. Over a 6.5 hr span of time I could hear over 100 pieces of evidence that I could not correlate to any “normal” noises the cabin should make. (I.e., thermostat, air conditioner, refrigerator, etc) The best way I can explain it is that it sounded as if the house was full of people trying not to move or make noise, similar to what it’s like when we all are doing an EVP session.

There were several loud and faint knocks, bumps, movement of door knobs, and what even sounded like a door open and close.

So all in all the trip was quite a success!! Great time hanging with good friends, meeting new ones and great activity!!


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