Paranormal Investigating, do it for the right reasons.

Welcome one and all.  To give you an insight on our team: we are a small group of 5 people who have all lived with paranormal experiences in our lives, some as children and others as adults.   We pride ourselves on helping people seek answers to problems that may take them months, even years to get the nerve to even approach a team about.  There is NO question to silly or stupid to answer.

When you contact us we will go over your individual situation and consult with you over the phone to make sure we are the right fit for you.  If we are not, we are not opposed to referring you to one of the other local teams that we know and trust.  Our goal is to HELP YOU, not hurt you or make your situation worse.

We have dealt with cases from minor electrical problems needing to be fixed to full blown reptilian involvement and everything in-between, good and bad.  If there is a situation we have not dealt with and we need assistance we will call in people whom we have grown to know in this small para community and the ones we TRUST.

Each team member brings a specific gift to our group and we feel that is what makes us a well balanced and driven group of like minded individuals.

So thank you for giving our page a look and if we can help you with any questions you may email us and someone will get back with you normally the same day.

Zana Lowe, Co-Founder

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