Spring for MAPS

Hello everyone: Just wanted to give you an update on things to come.

This Saturday, Amy and myself have the opportunity to tour and investigate a pretty cool business not far from the square in Historic Marietta.  While I will not share the name for privacy reasons, I will say that it is still in operation and they are having some pretty cool activity.  After we meet and tour with the management, and do a mini investigation, we will set up a time for our entire team to go and do a formal case.  So, stay tuned!!

The weekend of the 7th,  Amy will travel with her son and girlfriend to St. Augustine to be a part of an event investigating 3 historically haunted buildings there in the beautifully haunted area of the city.  For more information please check out Amy’s facebook page (Amy Farley).

Also that weekend, Chris and I will be doing a private case in Stockbridge GA.  Very excited to help this client with their situation.

As always, Amy and I are live on paramaniaradio.com with our show Paranormal A to Z with Amy and Zana, each and every Thursday night from 9-11 pm EST.  Check us out on facebook and Instagram (Paranormal A to Z).

I will post upcoming public events that Amy will be attending for those interested.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for new and exciting status updates!!!


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