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Happy New Year and happy new adventures for MAPS.

First off, Amy and Zana have started a new haunt on

9 pm EST, every Thursday, join them on Paranormal A to Z where they have fun interviewing everyone from Investigators, authors, tv personalities, and much more!

Second, we are in the middle of team reconfiguration. So watch for new members to be added and a few to be removed.

Third, thank you to all of our clients for your trust and opportunity to get to know you in 2017.

While we have a few items on the agenda, we of course look forward to our new investigations and helping those in need.


Audio analysis of Hales Bar Dam Cabin #8

Amy and I had a great trip with our good friends from DARK RAVEN PARANORMAL, Nancy & Sam and our Knoxville buddy Adam Watson.

When we arrived, the girl at check in told us that we were staying in a “very active” cabin. Well…of course we were thrilled. From the moment we arrived things started to happen. Amy thought we were playing around with her by “jiggling” the bathroom door knob….wasn’t us! Sam could hear a conversation after we had all went to bed…..wasn’t any of us!!! Amy could hear the bathroom toilet flush ALL NIGHT LONG….while everyone was sleeping.

While we were investigating the Dam, we chose to leave a recorder going in our absence. Over a 6.5 hr span of time I could hear over 100 pieces of evidence that I could not correlate to any “normal” noises the cabin should make. (I.e., thermostat, air conditioner, refrigerator, etc) The best way I can explain it is that it sounded as if the house was full of people trying not to move or make noise, similar to what it’s like when we all are doing an EVP session.

There were several loud and faint knocks, bumps, movement of door knobs, and what even sounded like a door open and close.

So all in all the trip was quite a success!! Great time hanging with good friends, meeting new ones and great activity!!


Calendar of events

Hello all, Zana here. Hope everyone and their team members are having a safe and productive para-season.

SATURDAY April 29th…If you’re looking for a fun Saturday night investigation, Amy will be a special guest at Hales Bar Dam in Guild, TN. Come join Amy, myself as well as Nancy & Sam from Dark Raven Paranormal and independent investigator Adam Watson for what should be a great night. FOR DETAILS: please check out Amy Farleys page for info.

SATURDAY May 13th we will be in Alpharetta GA for a private case.

SATURDAY June 3rd….Amy will be a special guest at one of my favorite places, OLD SOUTH PITTSBURGH HOSPITAL. Again if interested check out her page for details and ticket info. We would love to see you there. NOTE: there are great places to stay at nearby Kimball TN, just a few miles from the site.

SATURDAY June 10th we will be on the road to Monticello GA for a private case.

FRIDAY July 21-23rd Amy and I will be attending the MID-SOUTH ParaCon hosted by Keith Age in Louisville KY. If interested tune in for your chance to win free tickets on VOICES CARRY RADIO, hosted by our team members Terry Todd and Amy Farley, Wednesday’s at 8 ET on or check out Keith’s page for ticket info and a list of featured guests.


Welcome to the M.A.P.S. Blog page!

Hello everyone!!! Zana here.

Wow, we are experiencing an influx of cases and events. As we stand right now we are booked through JUNE!

If if you contact us and we can’t get to you in a timely fashion we will refer you to a sister team who we work with.

I traveled to the Thomas House Inn, Red Boiling Springs TN bank in February and had a wonderful time investigating. What a neat place!!

Amy just got back from St. Augustine FL where she had one of her Phoenix Rising Events with Brandon Kreitzer.

We are both attending an event at the end of April at Hales Bar Dam…super excited, as well as returning to Old South Pittsburgh Hospital in June.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

Stay tuned!!!!!!