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Wow, what an amazing time Amy and I had touring the site for our next investigation this past Saturday.  It is a functioning theatre that has never been investigated.  While we were there we had several personal experiences as well as GREAT audio evidence and some picture anomalies!!!  We simply cannot wait to get the entire team in there to do a full scale investigation!!!! STAY TUNED.

I want to give a shout out to our Historian/Researcher & Tech Support gal: GIGI MILLER. Thank you so much for your help in the past couple weeks.  I would have lost it without your help with my Skype issues. It’s amazing what two women can accomplish!!!

Lastly, I would like to send my belated condolences to our team member, Todd Orr’s wife Renee.  She lost her daddy almost a month ago.  I know how hard it is to lose your dad and I haven’t been the same since it happened to me 13 yrs ago.  Please keep Renee and her mom in your thoughts.

Take care everyone.


Spring for MAPS

Hello everyone: Just wanted to give you an update on things to come.

This Saturday, Amy and myself have the opportunity to tour and investigate a pretty cool business not far from the square in Historic Marietta.  While I will not share the name for privacy reasons, I will say that it is still in operation and they are having some pretty cool activity.  After we meet and tour with the management, and do a mini investigation, we will set up a time for our entire team to go and do a formal case.  So, stay tuned!!

The weekend of the 7th,  Amy will travel with her son and girlfriend to St. Augustine to be a part of an event investigating 3 historically haunted buildings there in the beautifully haunted area of the city.  For more information please check out Amy’s facebook page (Amy Farley).

Also that weekend, Chris and I will be doing a private case in Stockbridge GA.  Very excited to help this client with their situation.

As always, Amy and I are live on with our show Paranormal A to Z with Amy and Zana, each and every Thursday night from 9-11 pm EST.  Check us out on facebook and Instagram (Paranormal A to Z).

I will post upcoming public events that Amy will be attending for those interested.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for new and exciting status updates!!!



What a wonderful day it was yesterday reaching out to help an out of state client in need.

By contacting a few teams I feel I have made some friends for life and teams in which we can bounce ideas and situations off of to further delve into the paranormal experience, after all….. we are ALL still learning in this field.  If anyone states they are an EXPERT…..RUN!  This is still such an open ended avenue of scientific study that NOBODY can know ALL there is to know.

Thank you to Cherokee County Paranormal Society as well as Southeastern-Paranormal Society and Mr. Leon Wilkes for coming to our aide.  We look for ward to working with you the very near future.

Take care and enjoy your Spring…..if it ever arrives.

~Zana (Co-Founder)

Metro Atlanta Paranormal Society

On behalf of our team; Amy, Zana, Todd, Chris & Gigi, we thank you for stopping by.

Please check out our Instagram and Facebook pages on social media.

Also, check out Amy & Zana’s radio show, Paranormal A to Z with Amy Farley and Zana Lowe, on  Check their page on facebook or instagram for their upcoming guests.

If you are interested in becoming a team member please use the link to contact our team.




Paranormal Investigating, do it for the right reasons.

Welcome one and all.  To give you an insight on our team: we are a small group of 5 people who have all lived with paranormal experiences in our lives, some as children and others as adults.   We pride ourselves on helping people seek answers to problems that may take them months, even years to get the nerve to even approach a team about.  There is NO question to silly or stupid to answer.

When you contact us we will go over your individual situation and consult with you over the phone to make sure we are the right fit for you.  If we are not, we are not opposed to referring you to one of the other local teams that we know and trust.  Our goal is to HELP YOU, not hurt you or make your situation worse.

We have dealt with cases from minor electrical problems needing to be fixed to full blown reptilian involvement and everything in-between, good and bad.  If there is a situation we have not dealt with and we need assistance we will call in people whom we have grown to know in this small para community and the ones we TRUST.

Each team member brings a specific gift to our group and we feel that is what makes us a well balanced and driven group of like minded individuals.

So thank you for giving our page a look and if we can help you with any questions you may email us and someone will get back with you normally the same day.

Zana Lowe, Co-Founder

Latest news

Happy New Year and happy new adventures for MAPS.

First off, Amy and Zana have started a new haunt on

9 pm EST, every Thursday, join them on Paranormal A to Z where they have fun interviewing everyone from Investigators, authors, tv personalities, and much more!

Second, we are in the middle of team reconfiguration. So watch for new members to be added and a few to be removed.

Third, thank you to all of our clients for your trust and opportunity to get to know you in 2017.

While we have a few items on the agenda, we of course look forward to our new investigations and helping those in need.